Project Noah's Ark

The Largest Grassroots Building Project in American History

A $1.5 Trillion Project Being Built by Our 9/11 American Veterans
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Welcome Home Veterans
You'll Always Have a Home With Us

Our Reasons for Hiring Our Veterans. 
Our nonprofit foundation is founded on hiring the veterans who have returned from the wars in Iraqi and Afghanistan. This is not a idle gesture - our founder, Larry West ('Noah' to the veterans), has more than 30 years of direct experience and we feel that vets are the very best employees we can hire. They are motivated, work well as close knit teams, and are trained in hundreds of the different kinds of jobs that we need. Perhaps their most important assets are their attitudes, values, youthful enthusiasm, and patriotism.

We are a Military to Civilian Transitional Company.  
We are a civilian Company organized like the military. All our vets will start on our construction sites building the Ceramic Concrete Superstructures and our other proprietary technologies. Sort of like basic training - gaining valuable hands-on experience working directly with our homebuyers and learning about the unique American Superhome™. After this starting position, our vets will move on to one of hundreds of positions in Project Noah's Ark™.  Most of the time veterans have already received preliminary training in these jobs by the military.  

Interviews Have Started
We need 10,000 veterans with leadership skills right away for our 5 man elite construction teams plus logistics, communication, and support teams. In addition, we need 'Green' teams to set up our organic farms, rooftop greenhouses, and zero pollution systems. The first hired must have demonstrated leadership skills during their service. Again, most military skills will have a direct application with us. Remember, we do not know who the vets are until they apply - so please send resumes immediately. to vets.projectnoahsark  -at-

An Extraordinary Bonus for our Veterans - Our American Superhomes
There are some 2 million men and women that have returned from the wars in Iraqi and Afghanistan. We would like for first one million of them to be the first to own an extraordinary, revolutionary 
American SuperHome
 and we intend to help finance the purchase of their home through the non-profit Veteran's Green Bank as soon as they qualify. This means that our vets can start with no experience, receive training and education at one of our special Noah's Ark Global Villages™ under the GI Bill, earn top pay starting as elite construction team leaders working in a transitional military atmosphere, receive generous bonuses based on performance, transition to one of hundreds of lifetime careers ranging from high tech computer generated architecture (CGA) to IT and communications to logistics and heavy equipment, and of course, organic farming - then have their own 6,000 sf,
GreenFire Superhome
 in a Noah's Ark Global Village™ custom built for them worth some $700,000 - the Achievement of a Lifetime - all in a short period of time. 

Is All This Too Good to Be True?
Not really. Hiring vets for our construction is a decision that started more than 30 years ago.  Our Ceramic Concrete Superstructure building system was designed from the beginning as a military building system. In truth, we cannot reach our goal of one million American Superhomes
 and creating 15 million new jobs by the end of the decade without the veterans and the U.S. military.

As for our choice of reserving the first one million American Superhomes for our vets - well, that's our personal choice. 
and the Noah's Ark Global Villages™ are extraordinary and revolutionary - not your ordinary homes or communities. It will take men and women who can adapt to whole new ways of living and whole new ways of thought - as well as leaders that can unite -  founding Villages that can last centuries. We think this describes our veterans - and we are literally betting our company that this is truly the New Greatest Generation.

What is Our Schedule?
We are just coming off 5 years of intense planning for this operation and starting - literally - from the ground up. How long will it take to reach our first stage training and hiring levels of 25,000/yr.? It depends on 2 things: First, when can we get the 'Veteran's Green Bank' chartered and second, how fast can the veterans build us an army. We need a small team of leaders with construction experience right now. If these leaders can build us the start of the army we need - we could be hiring and training 25,000 veterans each year within 4 years and 100,000 each year within 6 years, reaching full employment for both veterans and 15,000,000 American people in this decade -  a Decade of War followed by a Decade of Peace.  

A Summary of Our Veteran's Programs - Benefits of the "Greatest Peacetime Mission"

  • At this time, our programs are open only to veterans. Neither the Superhomes nor the careers with us are open to the general public.
  • Veterans can register with us in one of two ways: direct registration by clicking on the 'Donate' button at the bottom of the page with a donation of $25.00 or simply email us free at Operation GreenFire  - at - and we will match them with a donor/sponsor as they become available.
  • Once registered, veterans can enter all our programs with no money. This includes our education programs, transitional military-to-civilian jobs, Superhome ownership, and Virtual Villages programs.
  • Registration is critical as we don't know who the veterans are unless they register. Also, entrance into these programs will be, in part, based on the date of registration - so veterans - register immediately.
  • Once selected, all veterans applying for either education or transitional jobs will enter our on site training program building our Ceramic Concrete Superstructures and working with new Superhome owners. Sort of like 'basic training'.
  • Employment begins after qualifying in 'basic training' at $36,000/yr. with average salary expected to be $65,000+/yr. including generous bonuses based on performance. Employment also qualifies them to be the first in line own a $600,000 GreenFire Superhome™-  co-signed by the nonprofit foundaton Project Noah's Ark, Inc.
  • Superhome ownership is the first step in the lifetime 'Fundamental Wealth' program which can also  include a veteran's home business on the first floor Village Shop sponsored by Project Noah's Ark™.
  • In Summary: once the Project is set up, a registered vet can come to us with just the shirt on his back, enter our training program (including room and board) under the GI Bill - then begin a career track with us leading to one of the Nation's highest paying professional careers averaging $65,000 or more per year. In as little as 2 years, a veteran can qualify for ownership of one of our $600,000 GreenFire Superhomes™ - co-signed by Project Noah's Ark™ . These are the achievements of a lifetime for a veteran and his family in just a few years, and they begin with a simple registration. 
Join Us. Help Our Veterans and their Families Rebuild America

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