Project Noah's Ark

The Largest Grassroots Building Project in American History

A $1.5 Trillion Project Being Built by Our 9/11 American Veterans
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 Noah's Ark Global Villages

Currently being designed in photorealistic CGA, our Noah's Ark Global Villages™ will mirror the familiar architecture of small towns all across America. 
We call our architecture - 'Main Street, USA'.

30 years of experience in innovative construction technology has given us the ability to build high quality American Superhomes™ very fast - and with the 'Veteran's Green Bank' - we can make these homes financially available to millions of Americans. But if we intend to build a million homes by the end of this decade – we need a million building lots and finding a million lots ready to build on became a nightmare in red tape. The 'Village Solution' was the third major solution (behind the GreenFire Superhome™ and the development of the 'Veteran's Green Bank™') that makes building one million GreenFire Superhomes™ by the end of this decade possible.

     Our GreenFire SuperHomes™ need no water, sewer, or electrical lines - and thus can be built anywhere - as can our Noah's Ark Global Villages™. This is a huge advantage - and it is exclusive with us. It means that we can potentially build our Villages on the millions of acres of farmland or woodlands all across America without the need for the special variances our advanced environmental and expanded home/business multi-use would require. 


Noah's Ark Global Villages will be like small towns used to be. The downtown section of most small America in towns build from 1880 to 1938 were, in most cases, 2 story brick buildings with stores on the first floor and the owner's home on the second floor (like the picture of downtown Knoxville above). In a time before automobiles, it was convenient and economical to have the business and homes in the same place. The same is true for us. Our GreenFire Superhomes™ are built vertically instead of horizontally, this gives our Village the authentic historic look, feel, and functionality of a pre-1938 American town.

        Each Global Village is made up of 40 GreenFire Superhomes arranged around a central Village Square. The Central Village Square is huge – 300' x 600' – about the size of 4 football fields. It is the centerpiece of the Village and will serve many functions. Twice weekly farmer's markets will become ready outlets for produce from owner's rooftop
greenhouses as well as from the traditional 40 acre Village Farm. It is a natural setting for Music festivals and concerts as well as environmental events such as Earth Day, environmental Expos, National holiday celebrations, etc. The revenue generated from these events becomes part of the Village Association Fund that will pay for Village Farm community services and serve to fund many different organizations and services both for the Village Farm community as a whole as well as charities selected by the Village farm. Thus the Village Farm is not only self-contained and sustainable in electricity, water, and food, but is also financially self-sustaining
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