Project Noah's Ark

The Largest Grassroots Building Project in American History

A $1.5 Trillion Project Being Built by Our 9/11 American Veterans
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Our Organic Farms - And the Farmer's Solution

Our Superhomes are totally self-contained, requiring no electric, water, or sewer lines. As a result, we can build our 40 acre Noah's Ark Global Village Farms on farm land anywhere - and farm land outside cities is very abundant and inexpensive. Also there is no economic impact on the county in building expensive water and sewage lines, or treatment plants – an important consideration in time and money when getting a development approved.

This 'Farmer's Solution' can make our goal of building one million homes per year by the end of this decade - and the creation of 15 million new American jobs an obtainable goal.

  1. Once a Noah's Ark Global Village has been designed and the site selected by the veteran homeowners along with the civilian Village Shop owners (a minimum of 40 acres), we will buy the land for the Villagers.
  2. We will then select the organic farmer from our registered members (these farmers may or may not be veterans).  Hopefully, this farmer will be from the local area.

  3. Once the farmer is selected, we will sign a long term contract with him and have him start developing the Village's pure organic community farm.

  4. The money normally spent by developers on utilities like electric, water, and sewer lines, roads, golf courses, clubhouses, and other elaborate facilities – we spend on developing the organic soil, composting facilities, livestock pens, milking barns, energy efficient farming equipment, etc.

  5. The farmer will not pay mortgages or taxes, or buy the farm machinery, in order to develop the land as a pure organic farm. This very low overhead will maximize his profit when he sells his produce in the twice weekly farmers market in the Village Square and it will reduce his financial risk to near zero.

  6. The Village Square and the farmer's markets held there serve as a ready, convenient, and profitable market for the farmer.

he Cost of Building a Global Village Farm

  1. The cost of farm land is inexpensive outside cities compared to buying lots in expensive established developments - often only $5,000 - $25,000 per acre (compared to development lots costing $50,000 to several hundred thousand) - and we pass this savings on to the homeowners.

  2. We have no utilities costs and no costs for golf courses, clubhouses, or elaborate roads.

  3. Without county impact costs, permitting is simpler, saving time and money.

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