Project Noah's Ark

The Largest Grassroots Building Project in American History

A $1.5 Trillion Project Being Built by Our 9/11 American Veterans
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Our Special Noah's Ark Global Training Centers

The first 20 Noah's Ark Global Training Centers™ we build will be special. They will not be for sale, but will be education, training, and employment centers. These $40 million dollar Centers will be funded through the 'Veteran's Green Bank' loans. They will be located in communities that show the greatest interest in Project Noah's Ark™ through local volunteer work by our veterans and the donations from local businesses.

The first Centers will have multiple Uses:
  • As training and education facilities, each Global Training Center can train as many as 10,000 veterans and craftsmen each year. 
  • Each Global Training Center, in addition to vet training, will be able to house and educate a total of 10,000 to 20,000 non-veteran students per year. 
  • The Centers will also be kept open to the general public as show homes, and are expected to draw as many as 1,000,000 eco-tourists per year creating thousands of jobs – a huge boon to the local economy. 
  • We will be holding a cornucopia of Events in the huge Village Squares such as farmer's markets for local produce, Earth Day and environmental events, Expos featuring environmental themes such as organic gardening, and farming displays, as well as hosting a variety of 'Green' events. 
  • Our 20 special Training Centers will be used for R&D facilities for a wide range of new technologies in multiple fields such as:
    • All aspects of solar electric generation (SPARC)
    • All  aspects of rooftop gardening
    • Rainwater Harvesting
    • Organic farming on our 40 acre farm
    • True off-grid self sustainable living
    • Hurricane, tornado, and flood survivability
    • Creating and running the first floor Village shops and restaurants
    • And general Village living. 
  • The special villages will house our local architectural and interior design departments including our proprietary CGA (Computer Generated Architecture, where our clients can customize their individual American Freedom Superhome™ in movie quality detail.

oah's Ark Global Village Training Center™ can have an enormous positive impact on the local economy in jobs, education, business, and eco-tourism. How do you get one? Organize a 'Sponsor a Veteran' community drive. Each $25.00 donation both supports a vet and counts as one vote for a Center in your community. 

Contact us immediately at OperationGreenfire [at]
for information on how your community can get a
Noah's Ark Global Training Center™

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