Project Noah's Ark

The Largest Grassroots Building Project in American History

A $1.5 Trillion Project Being Built by Our 9/11 American Veterans
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Business Opportunities

Business owners, farmers, entrepreneurs, and others can join us as business partners in this multi-trillion dollar market. These partners will be the first to supply us with the products, services, and materials we need to build one million American Superhomes™ by the end of this decade.

  • Business Partnerships: All businesses can register their products and services with us and become members in our Business Partnership Program. These businesses are our first choice for the products, services, and materials we need to build our American SuperHomes™ and Noah's Ark Global Villages™ - potentially a multi-trillion dollar market
  • An application fee of $25.00 registers a business as well as a veteran.  Please click on the 'Donate' button at the bottom of the page and follow the Paypal instructions. The information you enter in PayPal will be transfered to our databank. You will be sent additional forms you may use to register your various products, services, and materials. You can send special requests for information via email to OperationGreenFire -at- As always, additional donations are very much appreciated. 
  • Farming; Business Partners may also apply to become an independent organic farmer for one of our American Freedom Village Farms™. See 'The Farming Solution' button to the left.
  • The $25.00 Membership fee includes a subscription to our on line newsletter
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