Project Noah's Ark

The Largest Grassroots Building Project in American History

A $1.5 Trillion Project Being Built by Our 9/11 American Veterans
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Creating 15 Million New American Jobs by the end of this Decade


The key to Economic Recovery for our Nation is – at the end of the day - the creation of millions of long term, high paying jobs. Nothing else will build the foundation America needs for long term growth. Much has been made by the media of just numbers of jobs, but little has been made of the quality of these jobs. Minimum wage, temporary jobs will not fuel a long term, health economy.


What could supply the millions of essential jobs we need for a national economic recovery?   A revamped auto industry can supply - perhaps - one or two million of these jobs over the next decade. Manufacturing? Many of these jobs have gone off shore as has the computer and electronic manufacturing industries. Some have suggested creating jobs repairing the Nation's infrastructure such as roads and bridges. We agree this work is essential, and this may have worked as a major economic stimulus back in the 1930's depression era - but our population is no longer attune to manual labor jobs. Besides, this is a young man's job - not a job for women or the older population. So where do these millions of jobs come from?

        Project Noah's Ark is designed to not only create millions of jobs - but a Cornucopia of quality jobs in thousands of different professions  – including many thousands of different kinds of home businesses with our Village shops located right below each of our American Superhomes™ – all by the end of this decade. And the hiring has already started for our veterans.

    Hiring the Veterans - 1 to 2 Million+ New Jobs
We are focusing on hiring the veterans returning from the wars in Iraqi and Afghanistan as our primary workforce. This is not a idle gesture - we have found that vets are the best we can hire. They are motivated, work well as close knit teams, and are trained in heavy equipment and logistics. Perhaps their most important assets are their attitudes, values, youthful enthusiasm, and patriotism. 


Our Village Storefronts - One Million New Middle Class Family Businesses  = 4 Million New Jobs 

Every GreenFire Superhome™ has 3 stories: the top floor greenhouse and the  second floor home are owned by the veteran homeowners. The 3,000 sf Village level storefront is owned by The Project Noah's Ark™ Foundation. These Village Storefronts face onto the central Village Square and are designed to have great flexibility with thousands of potential uses ranging from software developers to fine furniture craftsmen, bed & breakfasts inns to food markets, restaurants to jazz clubs, ice cream parlors to meat markets, and greenhouse supplies to dress shops. With 40 GreenFire Superhomes per Village, there will be 40 Village Storefronts in each Village X 25,000 Villages = one million new family entrepreneur businesses. 

        25,000 New Organic Farms2 Million New Jobs
Typical developers spend millions on golf courses, clubhouses, utilities such as water and sewer lines, and other expensive amenities. We invest instead in developing our 40 acres of farmland into true organic farms including buying new farming equipment and outbuildings such as milking barns, chicken coops, and composting facilities. The result is a fully functioning and complete organic community farm. We expect to share our community farms with the larger neighboring community by providing twice weekly public farmer's markets in our Village Squares for our farm produce as well as our farming neighbors. We especially look forward to providing farm fresh food and organic gardening education for the local public school children and their families. This can create millions of new and jobs and careers.

Reviving the Home Building Industry = 5,000,000 New Jobs
Building one million American Superhomes™ in this decade can completely revive the ailing American home construction industry. In addition to our veteran's primary workforce, we need for millions of traditional construction jobs and jobs supplying construction materials and products, we also need millions of the finest American craftsman in woodworking, etched and stained glass, ceramics, stonework, and hundreds of other crafts - many of which can be created in cottage industries throughout America - or in our own Village storefronts. We will be supporting and encouraging such entrepreneurship by purchasing the best of their work in the construction of our homes.
            Architectural Designers, Engineers, and Artists = 50,000 New Jobs.
    The architecture and floor plans illustrated on ou GreenFire SuperHomes
    web site (see Our Architecture) are the barest beginning of the exciting architectural possibilities for our American Superhomes™. We are looking for a new breed of 
    talented American designers, engineers, and artists to create a new breed of residential architecture.

    Project Noah's Ark™ as a 'Breeder' Company = 3,000,000 New Jobs
    We now have more than 150 patents in process on new inventions with many more in the pipeline - entirely new and revolutionary products. All of these inventions will be produced in the USA.

            These include our SPARC and TBARC systems, our own near zero energy refrigerator, near zero walk-in freezers and coolers, our own unique organic rooftop greenhouse technology, and our own Circle of Life Kitchens (see right).

            We will need hundreds of manufacturers to produce these products - and once again - we will be encouraging independent entrepreneurship in their production. This is in addition to the production of hundreds of established products such as solar panels, batteries, inverters, greenhouse glass, and even the new generation of American electric cars (we generate enough surplus solar electricity to power an electric car 250 miles per day) can create a demand for as many as 1 to 2 million electric cars each year - creating millions of additional jobs.

            Outsourced jobs. 
    50,000 New Jobs
    • Web site development
    • IT techs
    • Public relations
    • Magazine editors and publisher
            After registration, craftsmen, and businesses will be sent additional forms and applications enabling them to send their resumes, qualifications, or examples of their work or products to us. As stated, these business memberships will be the first we do business with - so please register with us as soon as possible.

    Join Today.   Help Us Change The World - One Village At A Time.

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