Project Noah's Ark

The Largest Grassroots Building Project in American History

A $1.5 Trillion Project Being Built by Our 9/11 American Veterans
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Frequently Asked Questions by Noah West

Will Project Noah's Ark™ really solve as many of our major National crises as you think it will?

I believe so. The foundation of Project Noah's Ark™ is the advanced technology of the American Superhome. This technology took 30 years of very hard work and sacrifice to develop. No other totally off grid, energy independent, self contained, environmentally sustainable, nearly invulnerable technology out there comes even remotely close to us. There are a few movements in the spotlight that claim to have a plan to 'Re-power America', but none have a foundation in real bricks-and-mortar technology – in other words, they are just 'Smoke and Mirrors' and wishful thinking.

The Federally chartered, non-profit, affirmative action Veteran's Green Bank™ is a solution that could never have come from the banking industry. A 'non-profit' bank makes no sense to an industry based on profit. Fortunately our Veteran's Green Bank™ bypasses the big banks and Congress - all without a dime of economic recovery money. In other words, he could make this happen almost overnight with just the cooperation of the Federal Reserve. All the solutions to the other major National problems would fall into place if the detailed outline of Project Noah's Ark™ is followed.

What will happen if the President does not charter the Veteran's Green Bank? 

Frankly, we cannot see any other option for this Country. If Project Noah's Ark™ is not implemented - including both the building of the American Superhome and the President chartering the Veteran's Green Bank - our Country may never reach energy freedom. millions of Americans will not have the opportunity to own a American Superhome, and the millions of jobs that would have been created will never happen. Without the foundation that these millions of jobs would create, there can be no sustainable recovery from this recession and it would trigger a depression far worse than the Great Depression of the 1930's. We strongly feel that Project Noah's Ark™ is the only large scale, workable solution to not only stopping a catastrophic recession/ depression, but also to creating an energy free, secure America; solving our banking, credit, and foreclosure crises; freeing us from our dependence on oil; and stopping the pollution of our land, water, and air.

If the President does charter the Green Bank, how will you begin rebuilding America? 

Education - or in this case, re-education - is our first priority. To this end, we plan on starting our National construction program by building 20 special Noah's Ark Global Training Centers™ as soon as possible. These special Villages will serve to educate both the general public in advanced construction as well as providing facilities for R&D in forensic (hurricane) engineering, energy efficiency, hybrid electric generating systems, rooftop solar charging electric cars, rooftop home gardening, rooftop aquaculture (fish farming), rainwater harvesting and purification, on site sewage treatment with micro-plants, etc. These first special Project Noah's Ark Global Training Centers™ will be setting World Class Standards for a whole new breed of home.

Can our energy free or hurricane proof technology be adapt to typical American homes? 

American Superhome technologies are based on our proprietary Ceramic Concrete Superstructure™ and cannot be adapted to homes with wooden frames (what we call 'A House of Sticks'). It would be like mounting a 350 hp modern gas engine on a horse drawn carriage of the 1800's. For more than 30 years entrepreneurs, innovators, designers, builders - and the government  - have tried to achieve ultra-high energy efficiency with wooden homes and failed. The 2004-5 hurricane seasons proved how vulnerable wooden homes are to the forces of hurricane wind - and even more important - to the forces of storm surge and flooding. The Ceramic Concrete Superstructure™ is quite literally the foundation of advanced home technology for the next century. 

How do we keep abreast of the White House reaction to Project Noah's Ark™?

Registered members will be emailed news as soon as it happens. We will also post the news on this web site.

How do you buy an American Freedom Superhome?

The first one million American Superhomes™ are reserved for our veterans and are not for sale to the general public. .

How long will it take our veterans to get one? How fast can you build these American Freedom Superhomes?

We have a goal of building one million homes per year in 10 years. While Project Noah's Ark is highly scalable (it is designed specifically to go from 0 to 1,000,000 in this decade), it  is still a very ambitious goal and a lot of things will have to come together for that to happen. If it does and you are a veteran, it will not take long to build a home for you. The main factor deciding how long it will take is how well you have organized your Village (see 'Our Village - the Arks' tab). Basically we can start building the Arks as soon as President Obama charters the Veteran's Green Bank. If you are serious about getting a American Superhome - start organizing your Village right away!

It is important to note that our proprietary concrete forming process used in the building of our American Superhome™ can be built as much as 4 times faster than wooden homes – even though they are designed to last 300 to 500 years.

Where will you start building homes? Will there be a model home in my area?

We have not yet finalized the area we will be building the first of our 20 Noah's Ark Global Training Centers™. (to be used for education and training - not for sale). Florida seems likely, but if another area shows more support, we are open. The number of registered members in an area determines where we will build these 20 Training Centers. So – if a group gets organized quickly – they could have a Noah's Ark Global Training Center™ in their community very soon. 

What effect will the Non-profit, Affirmative Action Veteran's Green Bank have on the banking, credit, and housing industries?

Good question. The Private, Federally Charter, Nonprofit, Affirmative Action Veteran's Green Bank is liable to have an effect on these industries all out of proportion to it's actual size. Even if we are able to reach the very tough goal of building one million homes per year in 10 years, that would still only be less than 1% of the total mortgage market of 115 million dwelling units in America. Thus the actual effect would be very small – but the perceived effect could be great as it would pave the way to a very different banking and building philosophy - and that could change these industries radically almost overnight. The greed and arrogance these industries have shown in the past would no longer be acceptable as we will have shown another way.

Please submit your questions to Info.ProjectNoahsArk 'at' They will be posted to this web page as soon as received.
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