Project Noah's Ark

The Largest Grassroots Building Project in American History

A $1.5 Trillion Project Being Built by Our 9/11 American Veterans
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             The Noah's Ark Movement™
, is a veterans program top to bottom. When the first phase is completed over the next 10 years, it will mean virtually 100% post-military employment of all our 9/11 veterans in some of the Nation's most challenging and high paying careers. In addition, we are making one million of the most extraordinary homes in the World - the American SuperHome™  - available to our veterans and their families, and our wounded warriors  - with a mortgage co-signed and 100% guaranteed for life by the veteran run, nonprofit, Project Noah's Ark Foundation. Once pioneered  by our veterans, this entire program will be available to all American Citizens.

         If the New Greatest Generation is successful in implementing just the first phase of the Movement (2015 to 2025), The  Noah's Ark Movement will be the Largest Peacetime Project in American History - injecting some $1.5 Trillion  directly into the American economy - and giving birth to a new environmentally sustainably, energy free, economically secure American Middle Class.


Join Us

You Can Become a Part of The Noah's Ark Movement™
The Noah's Ark Movement™  touches almost every aspect of American life in some way: our 9/11 veterans, 15 million new American jobs, politics, new banking systems, safety from disasters, the environment and pollution, the solar industry, small family farming, politics and the economy, infrastructure rebuilding, a national entrepreneur revival of small businesses, and on.  So even if you are not a veteran, your donation supports many very worthwhile endeavors.



Our Story

              We have a terribly broken Nation - broken and plunging headlong in the wrong direction. We are in the 'Age of Consequences' with a looming stock market collapse, a dysfunctional and collapsing banking industry, crushing national debt with no real economic recovery plan, the poisoning of our food supply, massive pollution of our air, water, and land, and of course, our addiction to fossil fuels and the Consequences of that addiction - Global Warming.

re there solutions? Can we do the 'Right Thing'? Or are we doomed to fall off one or more of these cliffs in the very near future? The answer is yes - there is a solution - and it is a surprisingly simple solution to all of the above. Further, America has solved much the same problems before - when the Greatest Generation returned from WWII.

Greatest Generation.

During the short space of only 13 years - 1932 to 1945 - our grandfathers and great grandfathers endured three of the most devastating events in our history - the Great Depression, the Great Dust Bowl, and World War II - events that are all echoed in our own time. Our Greatest Generation of veterans returned from the wars - many with visible and invisible injuries - to a bankrupted Nation with massive unemployment and poverty. But those 15 million returning veterans did not ask for a handout for their service in WWII – they just rolled up their sleeves and and began building “The Great American Dream” - homes for their families – millions of them. The quality jobs and income that building those homes created allowed them to afford new cars, appliances, and goods that broadly expanded the economy - and the taxes that resulted paid for a vast infrastructure of utilities, roads, and bridges. Thus the simple act of veterans building homes for their families became the foundation of the Nation's economic recovery and created the Great Middle Class and decades of prosperity.


“Our veterans and our veterans are not 'a problem' – they are the solution". Noah


Echoes of the Past - The Challenge of the New Greatest Generation 
We face much the same problems today as the Greatest Generation faced in the past. The ecological disasters of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, droughts, wide spread power outages, and record heat waves are the growing Global Warming signs that foretell of much more serious ecological disasters to come. The financial collapse of 2008 was not as serious as the Great Depression of 1934, but combined with our dysfunctional political system, it brought us to the brink of the collapse of the stock market, our banking system, and even our Nation - repeatedly. We have ended one war in Iraq costing us a trillion dollars and are ending the longest war in our history in Afghanistan with more war clouds on the horizon. We have wounded veterans coming back to a broken and dysfunctional America, and as with the Greatest Generation, many returning vets feel that the VA and their Country have abandoned them once service to their Nation is over. Yet our veterans are not looking for a hand-out anymore than the WWII veterans were - just the chance to simply  roll up their sleeves and build 'The Great American Dream'  for their families.

Can It Be That Simple?
an the solutions to America's greatest problems be as simple as our 9/11 veterans building 'The Great American Dream' for their families? We think so - and those of us that are part of The Noah's Ark Movement  have volunteered the last 7 years of our lives developing a program that can recreate the Greatest Generation's accomplishments and allow our veterans to build one million of the World's most advanced homes for their families.


"Maybe it's time to stop supporting ivory tower thinking and unrealistic plans.
Maybe it's finally time for a big, bold plan rooted in reality." Noah


Who We Are
roject Noah's Ark, Inc. is a registered Florida nonprofit organization - a 'Think Tank' - chartered in March, 2011 with the express mission of planning a fundamentally workable, scalable, grassroots economic recovery program based on the lifetime work of Noah West, our founder

        This 'Think Tank' ended with the creation of a second (for profit) Corporation, Noah's Arks, Inc., that will give veterans the opportunity to both build and own 
one million
of a new species of home far, far more advanced than any other home on earth called The American SuperHome. These 'SuperHomes' are designed for veterans, built by veterans for their own families, and financed by veterans themselves through a new expanded citizen's GI Bill called the American Public Bank™' . This modified 'Public Bank'  will make these homes affordable to all veterans and mirroring the opportunity given to the Greatest Generation by the GI Bill of the 1940's and 50"s. The new Trillion Dollar American industry created by veterans building one million GreenFire SuperHomes™  for their own families will create 15 million new American jobs and 25,000 new American family farms - directly or indirectly impact every American for decades to come and give birth to a New Greatest Generation. Most importantly for our economic recovery - the veterans themselves are carrying the mortgages on these American SuperHomes - meaning that this entire multi-trillion dollar program costs the taxpayers

         The Noah's Ark Movement is the result of the union of the nonprofit, Project Noah's Ark, Inc., and Noah's Arks, Inc. - the construction firm and financial engine that will drive the Movement, as well as the American Public Bank™.

Our Founder
Project Noah's Ark™ was founded by National and International award winning solar and alternate energy designer, CGA illustrator, home builder, inventor, and lifelong naturalist, Noah West, has devoted most of his adult life (35 years) to the development of the American SuperHome™ and Project Noah's Ark. With over 150 patents-in-process, he is one of the most prolific of the original 'Solar Age' pioneers - with an active solar career dating back to 1978 - and remains as a leading innovator in thermal dynamic and forensic (hurricane) engineering. In 1992, he pioneered the field of movie quality Computer Generated Architecture (CGA) and in 1998, was awarded the 'The World's Best' in that field by Strata User Magazine.  In 2000, he was chosen as the new century's most innovative home builder - 'Groundbreakers 2000' - by the 50,000 member Home Builder's Association of America. Retired in 2002, he came out of retirement in 2008 to head the team that developed the technology, architechure, banking, and veteran's programs for Project Noah's Ark™ as well as the veteran's financing program for the American Public Bank™ and all the socio-economic and farming programs for The Noah's Ark Global Villages™. 

Our Veterans Our founder has employed veterans for most of his career and firmly believes that veterans are the very best people for Project Noah's Ark™. They are motivated, work well as close knit teams, and are trained in heavy equipment, logistics, IT, communications, and community development - exactly the kind of skills we need. Perhaps their most important assets are their attitudes, values, youthful enthusiasm, and patriotism. Also, making veterans central to the Project™  immediately gives us access to a motivated workforce of up to one million men and women - essential if we are to meet the goal of building one million American Superhomes™  by the end of this decade. The one million American SuperHomes™ we are reserving for our veterans and their families both gives us a $1.5 trillion dollar market and also gives us more than one million 'resident research assistants' to help further develop the SuperHome, the Noah's Ark Global Villages™, and the 40 acre organic farms.

Beyond the Veterans - The Largest Peacetime Project in American History
The Noah's Ark Movement™ reaches far beyond the veterans. If the first phase of the Project is completed and we build One Million American  SuperHomes™ in this next decade (less than 1% of all American housing), it will have created some 15 million new American jobs - virtually ending our unemployment problems. It will also inject  $1.5 Trillion Dollars directly into this Nation's economy over the next 10 years - ushering in a new age of permanent economy recovery – and the rebirth of a new American Middle Class. If the Project  is expanded to include all American citizens in the advantages the SuperHome and the Noah's Ark Global Villages™ financed with low cost American Public Bank™ mortgages and if it is carried to its full term to 2065, it will have injected some $70 to $120 trillion directly into our Nation's economy, making it the largest peacetime project in American history. - larger than all the oil companies combined.
 It is also this Nation's most powerful solar, environmental, and farming programs and can permanently end our addiction to oil and fossil fuels, end the pollution of our air, land, and water, and create 25,000 new organic family farms and one million new family businesses - and because the veterans themselves are carrying the mortgages on the GreenFire SuperHomes™ and the Village Shops -  it costs
 the taxpayers nothing. Further, no bill needs to be passed through Congress.


The American SuperHome

The World's Ultimate Self Sustaining Green Home

         Owning a American SuperHome™ is truly the achievement of a lifetime. It is the first home of it's kind in the World  - fully handicap accessable; nearly indestructible and built to last centuries; 100% powered by the owner's own rooftop solar; a net zero carbon footprint; zero pollution of air, water, and land; completely self-sufficient in food with a rooftop greenhouse and a surrounding 40 acre organic farm; advanced rainwater harvesting; the World's first TBARC and SPARC systems; and more than 150 new patents-in-process. Most importantly - this is a 5,500 sf luxury studio home and rooftop greenhouse that every veteran family can afford at about $1,400/mo. through the Veteran's Green Bank™.  And, if desired, there is also a full 3,750 sf first floor Village Shop available for the veteran's owner's home business also financed with a low cost mortgage from the Veteran's Green Bank™.

      Please also see our first (2008) web site with more illustrations at

The Homes, the Greenhouses, and Village Shops
All our GreenFire SuperHomes™ are 3 stories - a first floor Village storefront, a luxury home on the second floor, and a full greenhouse on the third floor. All the floors are connected by a private self-contained battery operated elevator. The price for the 3,750 sf Village Storefront  (available to veterans and non-veterans) is $595,000. The price for the 6,000 sf home and greenhouse residence is $795,000 and currently only available to veterans as a 1%, 60 year mortgage through the American Public Bank at about $1,400/mo.  (This is about the cost of a small 3 bedroom rental home including utilities).

The Architecture - Reinventing 'Main Street, USA'
We felt that the architecture of the American SuperHome had to be immediately recognizable, familiar, and friendly. That is why we chose the uniquely American architecture of 'Main Street, USA'  - the iconic 2 story brick buildings with the first floor storefront and the second floor home can be seen in every downtown section of towns and cities all across America. There are thousands of variations of this familiar architecture - too many to chose from - so we are empowering the people themselves to help us decide which ones to include in our Noah's Ark Global Villages - by having them send in photos of their own favorite downtown sections. Our team will use our proprietary CGA (Computer Generated Architecture) to turn these concepts into movie quality reality. Every member of every Noah's Ark Global Village™ will be able to see in exact photorealistic detail what their entire village will look like before it is built. 

  • The Village Storefront Level. The first floor of the Noah's Ark Global Villages™ faces the central Village Square. They are multi-functional commercial storefronts with a total of 3,750 sf of usable space - 1,500 sf facing the Village Square, another 1,500 sf in a split level facing the rear, and 750 sf of rear facing storage convertible to a commercial sized walk in freezer.  We designed these Storefronts for both the look and true function of the original Main Street, USA - with thousands of possible architectural variations and thousands of possible business opportunities - from the traditional "butcher, baker, candlestick maker" (the villager's stores) to international software developers to fitness gyms to restaurants to furniture makers. We will be building 25,000 villages in the next 10 years - and we expect 25,000 variations of our Main Street, USA theme.
  • The SuperHome Level. The second floor is a single level, 2,500 sf 4 BR, 4 Bath luxury home served by a solar powered elevator designed by Noah. It has a large balcony overlooking the Village Square and a 500 sf professional chef style 'Circle of Lifekitchen as a standard feature. The entire interior is flex space - special proprietary 'click-in-place' walls that allow the interior to be completely re-configured in hours as the owner's lifestyle evolves. One of our favorite interior configurations of this home is as a Bed & Breakfast with 4 full suites for guests plus the owner's suite. B&B's will feature educational tours for eco-tourists. Veterans that use their homes for B&B's can expect revenues of as much as $200,000 per year - and they will be helping us educate the public.
  • The Greenfire Rooftop Greenhouse Level. The third floor is a fully enclosed rooftop terrace with half of the area devoted to our special hybrid organic-hydroponic gardens and half devoted to our special Friendly Fire family gathering area and a full secondary outdoor kitchen.     

    Probably no other feature in our SuperHome is more popular than our rooftop gardens. It took 5 years of design and experimentation by our founder to create the proprietary technology of these gardens. The special pure organic soils of the Greenfire Rooftop Greenhouse produce vegetables of extraordinary size and flavor - at growth rates 3 to 4 times normal. The growing area provided by our rooftop gardens is enough to provide fruits and vegetables for 3 families year round. Fresh organically grown lettuce and carrots, and fruits like grapes, raspberries, and strawberries can supply the family's larder with some of the freshest, most flavorful, sweetest produce on Earth. (Read More)

The Technology
Not just highly advanced, the American SuperHome™ qualify as a entirely New Species of World Class home - the very first of their kind and 35 years in the making.  
The Ceramic Concrete Superstructure with forensic engineering is what we call an elegant solution - a simple solution that accomplishes multiple tasks. This system was designed to be built by veterans and uses skills very similar to what they used in the military - close military style teamwork, heavy equipment, close logistic support, communications, and computer skills. Easy and fast to install, the superstructure does several things.  First, it creates a solid, tight, highly insulated shell around the home with a world leading thermal efficiency 95% - in other words, our SuperHomes need only 5% of the energy to heat or cool them. Second, through forensic engineering, we have discovered that only one type of home survived all hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and wildfires. We use that engineering in our SuperHomes. Third, this type of system makes it easy and inexpensive to create our TBASS system as well as our 12,000 gallon rainwater storage tank - both of which are located in the foundation system. This system is a World First, invented, developed, and tested exclusively by our Founder over the last 35 years.
         SPARC (Solar Power And Rainwater Canopy). Another elegant solution that accomplishes multiple tasks. First, it is a 2,500 sf solar array generating 3 to 4 times the amount of electricity needed by the home as well as providing 1,200 sf of greenhouse glass. Second, by containing the solar array in glass, we can capture the heat that is otherwise lost from the solar arrays.   We get 1,200 gallons of hot water free. The left over hot air is used in the TBEAR system as well as in multiple other ways. Third, the rainwater harvesting system is far, far more than just a rain barrel under a downspout. It is a sophisticated harvesting system that allows the dirtier water from the first rainwater that falls in a downpour to be diverted into the greenhouse containers. The cleaner secondary rainwater is filtered, further purified. and goes into the 1,200 gallon storage tank. SPARC is a World First on several levels - invented and developed exclusively by our Founder. 
TBASS (Thermal Battery & Air Scrubing System). Yet another elegant solution, this system makes use of thermodynamics to both heat and cool the home without either fossil fuel or solar energy. The theory is simple - it gets warm in the day and cool at night. We use the heat of the day to heat the night, and the coolness of the night to cool the day through the use of large thermal masses in large, highly insulated chambers. This is called Thermal Dynamic Averaging and we are the first in the world to use this advanced technology in a home.  Our founder began developing this system in 1979 and perfected it to the point where he was able to heat or cool homes for months nearly energy free. A second purpose for TBARC is in air regeneration. Electrostatic charging of air particles is not new - but previous systems had serious problems. Positively charging air makes the particles in the air 'stick' to negatively charged surfaces. This cleans the air, but 'sticks' those particles to the drapes, carpet, and walls. TBASS uses a special chamber of common river rocks covered in special salt crystals to both attract the particles and kill or neutralize bacteria, viruses, mold, and even odors - creating an interior environment that is 99.99% pure with no filter to change - ever. TBASS is another World First invented and developed by our founder.

         There are a total of over 150 patents-in-process in the American SuperHome™ including: a 3,0000 sf rooftop solar electric array (one of the largest ever put on a single family home); a three story solar energy elevator; near zero energy walk-in refrigerator and freezer, the Circle of Life Kitchen™; air curtain stoves; dryers run on solar energy heat; focused sunlight lighting; 'Friendly Fire'  rooftop fire pits; the 3,000 sf Rooftop Terrace: our proprietary liquid composting micro sewage plant; our zero pollution technologies; organic farming firsts: and many more.


"The true solution to energy independence is not in finding another oil well - 
It is in not needing to find one in the first place.
" Noah


The Most  Powerful Solar Program in the World

When we meet our goal of one million SuperHomes™ in the next 10 years - each with 3,000 sf of rooftop solar panels - we will have installed 3 billion square feet or 68,000 ACRES of PV panels.  That is 43 times larger than the largest solar facility in the World (the 1,600 acre SEGS plant built in 1984). If Project Noah's Ark™ is carried into the second phase - to 2063 - we will have installed some 3,000,000 (3 million) ACRES of PV spread across this Nation (a distributed grid system) reducing our carbon footprint as a Nation to one of the lowest in the World and virtually eliminating our dependance on oil, coal, gas, and nuclear power - and it all begins with a simple program of veterans building homes for their families through the home mortgages obtained through the  American Public Bank and our new and expanded citizen's GI Bill


The American Public Bank Solution  - Veteran Financing for the American SuperHome

Technology alone was not the total answer - if we could not find a way for the veterans to afford to own an GreenFire SuperHome™ - the Project would have gone nowhere. We needed a way around the current banking and credit systems  and yet comply with all the federal banking regulations. Further, we needed to find a way to charter this bank without going through Congress or needing the approval of the current banking and credit Industries - and all this without it costing the taxpayers a nickel. The American Public Bank is a detailed blueprint for creating this new species of bank - the World's first. It is the heart of Project Noah's Ark™ as it means that every veteran can not only afford a GreenFire Superhome, in most cases owning the SuperHome will reduce the real life overall cost of living for our veterans and their families. And finally, the nonprofit Project Noah's Ark Foundation  will co-sign for every veteran guaranteeing his mortgage for life, bypassing the current dysfunctional credit industry and basing credit on character rather than accumulated debt. Owning a SuperHome is the achievement of a lifetime for our veterans and the first step in our 'Fundamental Wealth'  programs. 

The Noah's Ark Global Villages  - 'Main Street, USA' Reborn. 

A $50 million Noah's Ark Global Village can make a substantial impact on a community bringing at least 40 new small businesses and more than 200 new village jobs, reviving the local home building industry, creating farmer's markets that support local farmers, providing pure, homegrown organic food to the local community, and educating local school children in organic farming. If a Noah's Ark Global Village™  is one of our first 20 national veteran training centers, each can train as many as 10,000 veterans per year. Such a training center can virtually end unemployment in the local region. We also expect to draw as many as 500,000 national and international eco-tourists each year for tours of our Villages and farms and for our Bed & Breakfasts. All in all, the small businesses, jobs, veteran trainees, and tourists a Village will bring can mean tens of millions of dollars in revenue to a local community.


Worth Millions - Costs Nothing

Each Noah's Ark Global Village™ costs us $50 million to build - but it costs the community it is located in nothing. We provide our own financing, and purchase the 40+ acre farm land for cash. We do not need water, sewer, or electric lines - or schools, police, or fire departments. We are completely self-contained - bringing thousands of jobs and millions in eco-tourist dollars to the region with virtually no drain on local resources. We believe we will be welcome everywhere.


A Village Coming to a Town Near You - True Economic Self Determination 

Our veterans and their families will decide where in the Nation we build the $50 million Noah's Ark Global Villages™. It is after all, the veterans and their families that will make up the majority of our Villages. It only makes sense to give them control over their location - and because we have designed our Villages to be built on farmland anywhere in the USA, we are open to building the Villages wherever our veterans are comfortable living. Each registered member veteran has one vote.

What this means is that the veterans - by controlling where we locate the $50 millionVillages - can control the economics of a whole region in terms of jobs, businesses, and energy - in addition to having a huge positive impact on small family farming and on the local organic food industry. Another very good reason to make all veterans welcome in your community.


 The Noah's Ark Movement™  
The R&D is finished and paid for  without a government grant or loan;  the blueprints are in the hands of some dozen builders all qualified to build Anerican SuperHomes™;  billions of dollars in mortgage loans can be available through the American Public Bank (Our civilian extension of the GI Bill);  millions of acres of farmland are available for our Noah's Ark Global Villages™;  and we have a potential workforce of one million of the best workers in the world - our veterans. The goal of the Noah's Ark Movement™  is to build 25,000 Noah's Ark Global Villages on 25,000 separate 40+ acre organic farms all across the Nation over the next 10 years. This goal will create some 15 million new, high paying American jobs (with one million of the first jobs reserved for our veterans), and it will pump 1.4 trillion dollars immediately back into our economy across a broad range of industries. 


The British have a saying "The Americans always do the right thing - after they've tried everything else."
Perhaps we have only this one last chance to do the right thing.


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